Video project “virtual school tour”


4HLA SJ19/20

We, the students of 4HLA, decided to present our school in the three second foreign languages offered, namely French, Italian and Spanish. We started the project at the beginning of the second semester. In the preparatory lessons, the three different groups had lessons together, in which we worked through the stations. We described them in German and then translated together with the help of our teachers into the target language. We divided the stages among the students and carried out a first run. After several rehearsals and having decided on the outfit, we started with the filming. We got support from our computer science teachers and then the video was professionally edited.

With the video we would like to give future students an insight into the language selection available at HLW19 and introduce the school in an authentic and playful way. We had a lot of fun and would like to thank our teachers very much for supporting us.